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Watchitude Move2 FAQ


1: Power on: Press & hold the fingerprint on the face of the watch until screen lights up and vibrates

2: Power off: Press the fingerprint until you reach the more screen

> Press & hold the fingerprint until you reach power screen

> Press & hold the fingerprint until the watch vibrates and turns off

3: Charge Watch: Connect charging cable to a USB power source and connnect the magnetic tip to the back of the watch

1: Install the Wearfit App & sync device (DO NOT connect through Bluetooth settings on your smartphone)

 Wearfit app - Google Play

 Wearfit app - App Store 

2: Turn on Bluetooth and location settings on your smartphone

3: Open Wearfit app

> Click Menu in upper left corner

> Click "Link Your Health Band" (Android) or "Bind Bracelet" (iPhone)

Watch Features

Activate the features you want to use in the Wearfit App

1: Press the fingerprint once to switch screens

2: Press & hold the fingerprint to enter/quit the feature

Time/Date: Press & hold to change graphics

Enable 12-Hour Time: Press menu (top left corner of Wearfit App) > Setting > Enable 12-hour time

Steps Counter

Distance Tracker

Calorie Tracker

SMS Notifications: Press & hold to view unread text messages

Disable SMS Notifications: Press menu (top left corner of Wearfit App) > Devices Management > Reminder > Disable message notification

Light: Press & hold to adjust screen brightness

More: Press & hold to access additional features below:

Power Off: Press & hold to power off

Find: Press & hold to power off

Stopwatch: Press & hold to activate stopwatch

Back: Press & hold to go back to main menu

Open Wearfit App

1: Selfie Remote: Menu > Shake to take picture

2: Lift Wrist Screen Activation: Menu > Devices Management > Turn on screen activation

Weight: 40g

Battery: 90mAh

Band Size: 265mm

Material: Silicon/ABS

Water Resistant: IP67


Issues with Move2 communicating with your smartphone:

1: Swipe down on the main screen of the Wearfit app to refresh the data. In addition, try closing the app and re-opening it.

2: If issues persist, disconnect your phone from your Move2 Watch and start a new connection.

1: Disconnect in Wearfit App: Menu > Press "Unbind" or "Unlink"

2: Disconnect in smartphone's Bluetooth settings: Select the device > Press "Forget This Device"

3: Reconnect device: Wearfit App > Menu > Press "Bind Bracelet" or "Link Your Health Band"

1: While the Move2 Watch is water resistant, you SHOULD NOT swim for long preiods of time while wearing the device.

2: DO NOT change the rechargeable battery or open the case for any reason.

3: Always use the supplied charger cable.

4: DO NOT expose the device to a high moisture or high temperature environment for long periods of time.

5: This device contains a silicone band, a charging cable, and an activity watch.

6: This product is not a medical device.

7: DO NOT try to sync device through your smartphone's Bluetooth settings, ALWAYS use the Wearfit App.